IIS Crypto 3.3 Released

IIS Crypto 3.3 has finally been released! It adds TLS 1.3 for Windows Server 2022, new cipher suites, updated templates including PCI 4.0 changes and some minor fixes. Download the new version here.

We realize that it has been far too long since our last update, but we have been hard at work on a major new release in the coming months. Stay tuned!

IIS Crypto 3.2 Released

IIS Crypto 3.2 has been released. We have added a new feature to override the Protocols Enabled value. Normally the value is supposed to be set to 0xffffffff if a protocol is enabled. However, some software only supports using the value of 1 if enabled. There is a new checkbox on the Advanced tab to override the default value. See our FAQ article for more information. Download the new version here.