IIS Crypto 3.0 Released!

We are happy to announce that IIS Crypto 3.0 has been released! This version adds advanced settings, registry backup, new templates with a simplified format, Windows Server 2019 support and much more. The full change log can be found on the download page. We have also added a new support site and blog.

Thank-you to all of our beta testers and for everyone’s suggestions and support over the years. It is much appreciated!

7 thoughts on “IIS Crypto 3.0 Released!

  1. Does it support wildcard certificate ? I don’t know why but as soon as i apply Best Practice and reboot, https does not work anymore. First time i have this issue with this tool and first time i use a wildcard certificate.


      1. Hi David. IIS Crypto does not disable https nor the certificate. In fact it doesn’t touch any direct IIS settings or even knows about any certificates installed. You should not need to add/remove the certificate.


  2. Many many thanks for releasing this new version of IIS Crypto!
    Gone are the times where I had to do this manually because the old version wasn’t up-to-date anymore.
    This eases my work a lot!


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